Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sticky WMD's

"Guess what Gravel did last night?"

"What?" Gravel was the most senior of the young enlisted on the boat. He had a stoner's slurred speech and carried this crazed wide-eyed expression on his face.

"He sneaked in his stripper girlfriend on the boat."

"How'd he make it past the sentries?" I said. Gravel was on duty. He was technically "still working" till tomorrow. Guys on duty stayed on the submarine and slept overnight. They perform sentry duties and complete maintenance.

"Those guys? They would've gotten a solid 4 hour nap if he didn't wake them. The duty officer was asleep. He brought her in the torpedo room and f*cked her."

One of Gravel's biggest goal in his navy career, besides getting a normal sized left testicle, was to f*ck a girl in the torpedo room surrounded by million dollar warheads.


  1. This Gravel character sounds intriguing . . .

  2. " f*ck a girl in the torpedo room surrounded by million dollar warheads"

    This guy is the GUY

  3. Wow, Gravel has high aspirations.

  4. The inner mechanisms of "Gravel"'s mind are an enigma...

  5. I hope this is fiction. I enjoyed it, keep it up!

  6. Good to see the navvy is out there keeping us safe with these kind of staff @_@

  7. Interesting guy this Gravel is...